Why Vietnam

Spare parts and accessories from Vietnam – Why?

Vietnam is a hidden charm country, where you could find many surprisingly traditional values. International standardized products with valuable costs are waiting  you from Vietnamese suppliers.

1 European-Educated Human Resources

Before Doimoi in 1986, many thousands elite students were sent to Eastern Europe to training on mechanical manufacturing. This is the core class engineering staff in mechanical industry in a long time. Currently the country has nearly 30 universities and colleges training mechanics, in which there are many well-known schools in the field of “mechatronics”. As the traditional school teaching and learning with the help of the advanced automation laboratories, the mechatronics faculty is an attractive subject to young people in the country. This important basis allows us to subscribe to both local and international standards of production in this sector

2 Innovation not Imitation

Based on this foundation of education, Vietnamese engineers and workers are well-known as very fast innovators for production process. They can propose the buyers many initiatives to get bilateral benefits by innovative producing methods . Additionally, the sustainable but traditional vision let us to learn and develop, not to imitate.

3 Sophisticated Logistics

Vietnam SeaportWith more than 3000 kilometer-long beach, you could find many fully modernised seaport and airport facilities, which easily connect to international buyers from anywhere of the country. Modern and well-established cold storage, freight and shipment facilities enable effective transportation and protection of your goods.


4 Tailor-Made Products

We sell what you need! Just send us your requirements. It is the advantage of a small country with very charm and hardworking people.

5 Preferential Benefits

Recently bilateral, regional and international trade agreements between Vietnam, a developing country, and the world, will assist you effectively to gain increasing various surprising benefits.