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About Vietnam Manufacturing

Vietnam Manufacturing aims to promote Vietnamese Small and Medium Sized companies in the supporting industry towards international buyers and partners. The portal is a joint-initiative by the Vietnamese government and the private sector. From government side, the Supporting Industry Enterprises Development Centre (Sidec) is the lead agency in the development and management of the content.

Trustworthy companies

Most Vietnamese companies presented in the supplier database are known by Sidec and our partners. All of them are audited by our international partners Jetro and CBI or ourselves.


Vision & Mision of Sidec

Our vision is to be the 1st ranking organization in Vietnam in supporting manufacturing SMEs, and to help the Supporting Industry to become a highly competitive industry in producing, processing and consumption. In particular, rapidly increasing the added value of these products will contribute to the development of industry, job creation and increasing people’s income creating high-quality products, ensuring food safety and industrial environment.

Supporting Industry Enterprises Development Centre was established in 2009 under Institute for industrial Policies and Strategies, with functions of supporting the Director of the Institute and performing tasks related to the development of supporting industries Vietnam.

Sidec main tasks

  1. Participating in developing strategies and master plans to develop Supporting Industry (SI); programs and action plans to support SI; and the technical program, the product standard system to support the Minister of Industry and Trade to approve and implement plans after approval.
  2. Coordinating with the local office in SI development programs, plans and projects to support the Director of Institute to implement plans after approval of Minister of Industry and Trade.
  3. Collaborating with other international SI promotion organizations to build supporting programs and projects; to organize training courses, workshops and to conduct industrial research for developing SI enterprises system.
  4. Researching, making survey, constructing, and updating the database of supporting industry and SI enterprise systems in Vietnam; conducting surveys, evaluating the SI, SI enterprise and market assessment and business opportunities, SI development cooperations.
  5. Consulting and supporting individuals, organizations in Supporting Industry sector; proposing mechanisms and policies to develop SI; constructing and consulting on forming the supporting industry zones, SI clusters, the “nursery” of SI enterprises; consulting on legal procedures and engineering designs for SI investment projects.
  6. Performing other duties assigned by the Director of Institute for Industrial Policies and Strategies and Ministry of Industry and Trade

Sidec organization

Sidec Organization