Regulations on anti-dumping duties on some imported steel products

imported steel products

On 05.09.2014, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Decision No. 7896 / QD-BCT on the application of anti-dumping measures on certain products, cold-rolled stainless steel, HS code: 7219.32.00 ; 7219.33.00; 7219.34.00; 7219.35.00; 7219.90.00; 7220.20.10; 7220.20.90; 7220.90.10; 7220.90.90 which imported into Vietnam from other countries / regions: China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan (code number: 13-KN-BPG-01). This Decision shall take effect 30 days after signing.

According to the Notice of Decision and enclosed, anti-dumping duties will be applied as following:

 Country Producer/Exporter Dumping margin
China LISCO 4,64%
FSSS 6,87%
Others 6,58%
Indonesia JSI 3,07%
Others 3,07%
Malaysia Bahru 10,71%
Others 10,71%
Taiwan YUSCO 13,79%
YLSS 37,29%
Others 13,79%

Earlier, on 13.08.2014, the Board handling anti-dumping cases were voted and agreed on the content related to the incident:

(i) There is the dumping of goods imported into Vietnam;

(ii) There is the domestic manufacturing industry significantly damaged or threatened;

(iii) There is a causal relationship between the dumped imports into Vietnam and the domestic industry significantly damaged

Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade