Master plan on development of Vietnam supporting industries was approved

Quy hoạch tổng thể phát triển công nghiệp hỗ trợ Việt Nam

October 8, 2014, the Minister of Industry and Trade has issued the Decision No. 9028 /QD-BCT approving the master plan on development of supporting industries (SI) in 2020, vision 2030.

In this master plan, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has set four development perspectives including: focusing on the development of SI to meet the domestic demand of the processing and manufacturing industry; create a competitive advantage, attract investment, access and meet the requirements of multi-national corporations, deeply involved in the production network and global value chains; develop SI harmoniously and sustainability among other industries with priority; developing SI base on the basis of mobilizing resources from all economic sectors, especially from foreign enterprise and local SMEs.

Objectives are in 2020, Vietnam SI meets 45% of essential needs for domestic production, consumption; export rate reached 25% of industrial production value; in 2030, SI products meet 70% of demand. By 2020, Vietnam has about 1000 SI firms which are capable of providing for the assembly enterprises and multinational corporations in the territory of Vietnam; in 2030 increasing to 2000 firms. In terms of industrial output value, by 2020, the industrial production value of this sector accounted for 11% of total industrial production value and accounted for 14% in 2030.

This master plan has also set a target, orientation and detailed plans for each area of SI including spare parts sector; SI for textile – footwear; SI for high-tech industries.

To make practically, this master plan didn’t planned with production numbers, production values but focused on priority groups, products. The list of priority investment projects were also issued in this master plan.

It also pointed out the solutions and key policies to meet the requirements of SI development in the new era including the solutions: completing policies; promoting investment in SI; development of the number and capacity of domestic SI enterprises; development of science and technology for SI; training human resources for SI; enhancing linkage and cooperation.

With the innovation in thinking of plan-makers, this master plan is an oriented plan instead of targeted plan as before. With this plan, the Government will only act to encourage and support through policy. Other concerns involved like product output, were solved by the enterprises themselves proactively in accordance with market demand.

Thus, the policy enforcement agencies at central and local, business associations, development promotion organizations and enterprises on the one hand have been active in choosing the proper development area, the other hand still have orientations for reference priority sectors and products.

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