Tools Joint Stock Company No.1

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Tools Joint Stock Company No.1 Sector: Metal Processing
Products: Cutting tools
Size: 51-200
Main international markets:
Audited by: JETRO

Company characteristics

Tools Joint Stock Company No.1

Along with moving the factory in 2012, we started to use 3 machining centers in order to meet European standards. Thanks to this movement, cutting tools of high accuray can now be produced domestically. Even though we have to import the materials, we  managed to cut half the price of our product compared with imported one. We are also applying for ISO certificate.

Contact person:

Nguyen Kien Trung

Director Assitant

Tel: +84-904 621 516


Technology & partners

Technology: Grinder, Milling Machine, Lathe, Drilling Machine, Welding Machine
Partners: Hanoi Plastic Co, Ha Noi Mechanical Co

Contact details


108 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

Phone: +84 (0) 4-3858-4337
Fax: +84 (0) 4-3858-4094

Cutting tools Cutting tools Cutting tools Cutting tools

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