Tien Thinh Co.,Ltd

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Sector: Electric & Electronic
Products: Electric wire, wire
Size: 51-200
Established: 2007
Main international markets:
Standards: ISO 9001
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Company characteristics

Tien Thinh Co.,Ltd

At early stage of Vietnam economy reform in 1980s, Tien Thinh Co.,ltd was established as one of the first enameled wire manufacturers in Vietnam. After 20 years, we have become leading enameled wire manufacturer in domestic market. Moreover, our technical competency has allowed us to be the only one Vietnamese manufacturer that supplies enameled copper and aluminum wire quality are complied with international standard.

Ten Thinh will always innovate and evolve our products and services to offer our esteemed customers more values and satisfactions. We will make every effort to be a company growing together with customers.

Contact person:

Nguyen Ngoc Thinh (Wilson Nguyen)
Brand and Marketing
Tel: + 84-909 000 808
Email: wilsonnguyen@nullhotmail.com

Technology & partners

Technology: Wire Drawing Machines; Wire Enameling Machines
Partners: Sung Shin Vina; SPG; Cuong Vinh; Thibidi

Contact details


Lot C1-1, D4, Tan Phu Trung IP, Cu Chi, HCM city

Website: http://www.tienthinhwire.com.vn
E-mail: wilsonnguyen@nullhotmail.com
Phone: +84-8-62 900 452

Electric wire, wire

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