Minh Hoa Investment Jsc.

Company highlights

Minh Hoa Investment Jsc. Sector: Metal Processing
Products: Taps, Vavles
Size: 500+
Established: 1993
Main international markets: N/A
Standards: ISO 9001
Audited by:

Company characteristics

Minh Hoa Investment Jsc.

Minh Hoa Investment Jsc.  is theleading professional Manufacturer of valves, taps  in Vietnam, Minh Hoa posesses a wide variety of product brand, some of our brands include   MIHA, MBV, MI, DALING, TURA, TUBO, we also produce many types of plastic fitting….

Minh Hoa’s machinery system and equipments are advanced with many euqipments imported from Germany, Taiwan… Minh Hoa’s products are manufactured according to BS-5154 Standard, product quality is closely managed according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

Contact person:

Truong Tuan Anh
Vice Director
Tel: +84-906 206 868
Email: anh.truong@nullminhhoa.com.vn

Technology & partners

Technology: Lathe KL (14 units); Automatic Lathe (15 units); Hot stamping machine (21 units); Polishing machine (10 units)
Partners: N/A

Contact details


Nam Thang Long I.Z., Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi

Website: http://www.minhhoa.com.vn
E-mail: anh.truong@nullminhhoa.com.vn
Phone: +84 (4) 35 370 281
Fax: +84 (4) 35 370 283

Taps, Vavles Taps, Vavles Taps, Vavles

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