Industrial Mechanical and Automation Co.,Ltd

Company highlights

Industrial Mechanical and Automation Co.,Ltd Sector: Metal Processing
Products: Equipments, mould, press components
Size: 1-50
Established: 2008
Main international markets:
Standards: 5S, JIS
Audited by: JETRO

Company characteristics

Industrial Mechanical and Automation Co.,Ltd

In addtion to manufacturing molds, fixtures,equipments, Industrial Mechanical and Automation Co.,Ltd also provides handcarts, material supplying machines..etc. We have built quality-checking rooms to ensure strict quality management. Besides, we are capable of installing PC, managing production and delivery right on-site.

Contact person:
Mr. Tran Cao Khanh – Director
Tel: +84-937-868-883

Technology & partners

Technology: Press Machine (6 units); Bending Machine (6 units); MIG Welding Machine (6 units); Miliing Machine (5 units); CNC Lathe (1 unit)
Partners: Foster, Canon, Enkei

Contact details


7A, 12/93 Chinh Kinh, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

Phone: +84-4 6296 2032
Fax: +84-4 3366 0886

Equipments, mould, press components Equipments, mould, press components

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