HTF Co., Ltd

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HTF Co., Ltd Sector: Metal Processing
Products: accessories, mould
Established: 2003
Main international markets:
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Company characteristics

HTF Co., Ltd

HTF Co., Ltd was established in 2003 at its headquarters No.53,45 Street, Tan Tao residential, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

– Scope of business: Specializing in designing and manufacturing different kinds of molds, machine accessories…

– Proficiently applying design tools to fabricate the details of mold and machine accessory.

– Partners: HCM Engineering Club, SIYB,etc.

– HTF Company constantly updates to meet the special needs of our clients

– Motto: Always willing to learn and explore to enhance the quality of our every single products.

– Objective: Customer satisfaction is our success.

Contact person:

Ton That Nhan Hao
Tel: +84-903758739

Technology & partners

Partners: Sanyo; Colgate; ISE; HKK; An Giang mechanical; Nikko Lubricating Oiling

Contact details


45 ,St 53, Binh Tan Dist , HCM city

Phone: +84-8- 22 451 868
Fax: +84-8 37 543 457

accessories, mould accessories, mould accessories, mould accessories, mould

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