Anchor Fastener Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Company highlights

Sector: Metal Processing
Products: Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts
Size: 51-200
Established: 2004
Main international markets:
Standards: ISO 9001, TS 16949
Audited by:

Company characteristics

Anchor Fastener Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Anchor Fastener Vietnam Co.,Ltd , a Taiwan owned company, which provides auto parts for motorbikes and automobiles. The company manufactures more than 100 different parts in total. The Anchor Fasteners has been operated in Vietnam since 2004. We have been building an excellent, well-disciplined and fair-minded culture within the company.

Vision: To be an outstanding-quality auto-parts supplier in Viet Nam and ASEAN.

Value: Relentlessly create 4 values to Customers, Employees, Shareholders and Society.

The company’s administration system consists of all Vietnamese. We expect to share our responsibilities to undertake a collective mission to make our motto a reality: “Better Anchor – Better Life”.

Contact people:

1) Lee Wen Lung
General Manager
Tel: +84- 64-3 899 452
2) Tran Thi Hoang Oanh
Financial Controller
Tel: +84- 64-3 899 452

Technology & partners

Technology: Forming ; Cutting; Taro ; Plating
Partners: Honda; Ksource; Wintex

Contact details


Lot V3, My Xuan A2 I.Z., Tan Thanh Dist., Ba Ria- Vung Tau

Phone: +84-64-3 899 452
Fax: +84-64-3 899 452

Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts

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