Van Tien Dung Engineering Co.,Ltd

Van Tien Dung Engineering Co.,Ltd was established in 1995. We produces many types of wiring equipments and tools for power transmission in Vietnam. Nowaday, we have expandes further development of precision mechanical industry, mechanical manufacturing for domestic and export.

Contact person:

Tran Thi Kim Chi

Sales Manager

Email: kimchi@nullvantiendung.com.vn

Thanh Luan Manufacturing and Trading Co.,Ltd

Thanh Luan Manufacturing and Trading Co.,Ltd specializes in electroplating and metal surface treating. We have more than thirty years of experience in this field with our background as a former electroplating department of SONY Electronics Vietnam. With the quality management system ISO 9001 – 2008, we have established a high reputation among long term customers from Japan, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.

Contact person:

Tran Tien Tuan


Email: thanhluanco@nullvnn.vn

Phan Sinh Co.,Ltd

Phan Sinh Co.,Ltd is specializing in providing chemicals and technical advice technology – specialized operations plating products with high technical quality standards of Japan, such as: (1) Nickel chemical, (2) Electrical goods inox, (3) Electroplating: Nickel types, Chromium, Hard Chromium , Zinc, Chrome 3 +, etc.


Duy Khanh Co.,Ltd

Duy Khanh Co.,Ltd has been establish since 1989. Untill now, Duy Khanh has passed over 16 years to activity in the field of precision mechanical engineering. we have built up Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 and certificated by DNV organization on Jul 15th, 2004. In 2000, we received prizee “Excellent Young Business”

Contact person:

Truong Van Tien


Tel:+84-90 393 7600

Email: duykhanh@nullduykhanh.com


Ly Minh Co.,Ltd

Ly Minh Co.,Ltd specializes in producing fixtures by milling and lathing. 80% of our customers are Japanese companies, the rest are from Netherlands, the US, Korean. Established in 2008 with 20,000USD in chartered capital, we have raised our chartered capital to 100,000USD. We plan to move our factory to Yen Phong Industrial Zone- Bac Ninh in five years’ time.

Contact person:

Nguyen Nhu Khanh

General Director

Tel: +84-978 596 275

Email: khanhnn@nulllyminh.vn

Trong Thanh Trade & Production Co.,Ltd

Being the first leading pioneer in the North of Vietnam with over 20 years experiences in PVC rigid and soft pellet production co-operative and officially founded in 2007, Trong Thanh Trade & Production Co.,Ltd  has become the leading producer and distributor in the North, South and the whole nation of Vietnam in such pellet production industry. All the types of PVC pellet produced by TrongThanh have been widely applicable to various fields in PVC plastic production as: sheath of electrical cable, conduits, conducts, sockets, connectors, plastic bottles and containers, water hoses…Our products have been proved that it cause no environment pollution or any impacts to people’s health meanwhile guarantee the high quality requires. Trong Thanh has invested on its modern machine and technology with an aim of improving the product quality and productivity to meet the large quantity orders with high and strict quality control queries especially in the power cable and domestic plastic production industries.

More than 20 years experience in PVC pellet production industry and quality control, Trong Thanh  has widely expanded its domestic markets as well as internationally. The production output from 200 tons per month in 2008 has been promoted to 800 tons per month in 2010. Non-stop productivity has forced Trong Thanh to import latest machines and widen its workshop for large and high quality production in its equipment modernization process and to satisfy the large buyer’s demands.

Contact person:

Dao Thanh Cong


Tel: +84-903 419 901

Email: chasehanoi@nullvnn.vn

Oriental Star Import- Export Corporation

Oriental Star Import- Export Corporation (Oristar Corp.) is proud of being among Vietnam leading suppliers of non-ferrous metals specialized in copper, aluminum, stainless steel. The company having its head quarter in Hanoi Capital, factories in Van Lam, Hung Yen Province (20km from centre of Hanoi) and Hiep Phuoc IP, Nha Be, Hochiminh City (15km from city centre), equipped with high precision cutting, slitting and metal machining machines designed for non-ferrous metal, quality control system under ISO9001-2008. Our products is the market leader in term of quality and stability, meeting international technical standard for non-ferrous metal as well as strictly quality requirement from individual customer.

Contact person:

Vu Tri Toan

Marketing Department

Tel: +84-968 158 496

Email: tritoan.vu@nulloristar.vn

Kim Long Production and Trading Service Co.,Ltd

Kim Long Production and Trading Service Co.,Ltd is metal processing specialist which utilizes high level of processing techniques to manufacture highest level quality of products to each customer. We have long experiences in dealing with foreign enterprises. Within those experiences, we have been business partners with Japanese companies for over 9 years. We would like to deal with different Japanese companies to gain more experiences and to grow. If you have any inquiry, please contact our customer support team.

Contact person:
Mr Ha Quyet Thang – Director
Tel: +84-913 531 612
Email: klmcn@nullvnn.vn

Viet Ha Company Limited

Viet Ha Company Limited is a cylinder manufacturing company. We specialize in manufacturing cylinders for ships, special purpose automobiles; for example, Waste collecting Trucks, and other automobiles’ cylinders. For all products we manufacture, we inspect one by one using pressure test and duration test.

Contact person:

Nguyen Dinh Hoa


Tel: +84-903 405 093

Email: dinhhoavietha@nullyahoo.com

Vinashin Precision Engineering Jsc.

Vinashin  Precision  Engineering  Jsc. (Vinashina) specializes in mechanical production, such as cutting, forming,  welding, assembling and precision machining . Through exporting and importing, we have great amount of experiences with Japanese  Companies. If any foreign enterprises which are considering dealing with Vinashina, we can offer a friendly atmosphere during  business dealing. If you are having difficulty browsing for assembling company, please contact us and we will provide you with maximum support.

Contact person:

Giang Van Anh


Tel: +84- 903 448 220

Email: gvanh1968@nullgmail.com